How Silicone Egg Boiler Work For A Perfect Poached Eggs?

Poached egg, such as eggs Benedict, a lovely boiled egg consists with skirt-like egg white and beautiful oozy, golden yolk, is a must-have thing on many people's breakfast.
Cooking a poached egg is easy. Just throw egg white and egg yolk into a large pot of water with swirling vortex, then scoop out egg after few minutes.Cooking a poached egg is easy, but cooking a perfect poached egg, especially for cooking beginners, it is not an easy job without poached egg cooking tools.In restaurant, the poached egg they offer is usually with smooth edge egg white or just a round egg package with little outside egg white. Many home cooking lovers may once did a try and found white wispies is inevitable if without using a tool or doing some some handle.A simple tool can solve the problem of "white wispies"— egg poacher.
Stainless Steel Egg PoacherSilicone cooking basket
Egg poacher is a commonplace tool you can find easily. Maybe it is made of different material and they are in different shapes, but having a similar using way: Put poached eggs cooking tool into a pot with a large amount of water, then put egg without shell in this tool.

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