How did the packaging and testing giant Changdian Technology successfully rank third in the world?

In many links of the semiconductor industry chain, although domestic enterprises face many problems, but in the market segment of packaging and testing, state-owned enterprises have achieved the industry leader.

According to the ranking of the top ten packaging and testing companies in the world in the first quarter by TrendForce, the domestic Changdian Technology ranked third in the industry with a market share of 14.4%, second only to ASE and Ankor.

Who would have thought that the packaging and testing giant Changdian Technology originated from an underwear factory. In the 1960s and 1970s, a local underwear factory in Jiangyin took advantage of the domestic transistor boom and established Jiangyin Transistor Factory, which was later known as Changdian Technology.

After entering the 1980s, Jiangyin Transistor Factory was hit by foreign capital and was on the verge of bankruptcy for a time. And all of this was completely reversed because of the arrival of Wang Xinchao, the deputy director of the factory.

Under the leadership of Wang Xinchao, Jiangyin Transistor Factory achieved a turnaround through the development of LED indicators, and then gradually entered the discrete device packaging market. The rapid rise of Changdian Technology in the packaging market is inseparable from Wang Xinchao’s grasp of market opportunities.

After entering the 21st century, Changjiang Electronics Co., Ltd. grasped the cooperation with Singapore companies and actively deployed bare die packaging technology; later, through difficult negotiations, it successfully acquired Xingke Jinpeng, the fourth largest packaging and testing company in the world, and the development of Changjiang Electronics Technology entered the fast lane.

Wang Xinchao once said that Changdian Technology adopts two parallel strategies, which are technological innovation and structural adjustment. As early as when he learned bare die packaging technology from Singapore, Wang Xinchao was deeply aware of the significance of advanced technology for the development of semiconductor companies, and this emphasis on research and development has continued to the development of Changdian Technology since then.

The 2020 financial report shows that Changdian Technology’s R&D investment reached 1.019 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.2%; the company’s R&D personnel were 5,949, accounting for 25.47% of the total number. Among the domestic packaging and testing companies, Changjiang Electronics Technology has a leading position in R&D investment and the scale of its scientific research team. With the support of high R&D investment, Changdian Technology has built solid technical barriers through a number of industry patents. In 2020 alone, Changdian Technology has obtained 154 new patent authorizations, which basically cover the core technologies of various segments in the packaging field.

For example, with the expansion of the 5G application market, Changdian Technology has continued to strengthen the research and development of SiP packaging technology in the radio frequency field to form an advantage in the communication market; in the field of automotive chip packaging and testing, Changdian Technology’s automotive-grade flip-chip products are also about to expand. Mass production.

Industry analysis points out that chip packaging and testing is a high-tech and asset-heavy industry, and it is particularly important to grasp key technology nodes. Thanks to the high investment in research and development, the technical internal strength of Changdian Technology has been continuously consolidated. Benefiting from the shortage of chips, Changdian Technology’s revenue this year is expected to reach a new high.

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Author: Yoyokuo