How can aerial photography drones take high-speed shots

Whether shooting movies or commercials, shooting high-speed shots has always been an indispensable part of aerial photography tasks, and in our experience, the shooting of car shots can best reflect this aerial photography skill.

When taking a car as a shooting object and wanting to show its sense of speed, we mainly use the following shooting methods.

1. Follow the shot with the foreground

As we all know, people’s perception of the moving speed of objects comes from the comparison of reference objects to a large extent, and the foreground acts as this reference object. The viewer’s perception is further enhanced at the existing speed.


2. Hedging

Hedging is arguably one of the most common ways to shoot such high-speed shots. The relative movement of the drone and the car at the same time at high speed will bring a strong impact on people’s senses, and feel the sense of collision at this speed. In the shooting of war films, this shooting method is also widely used to show the impact of fighter jets.

3. Shoot on the ground

Shooting close to the ground will better show the changing speed of the ground, which will make the viewer’s experience closer, and can more intuitively feel the movement speed of the object.

4. Dive

When shooting a car, diving does not greatly enhance its sense of speed, but in war films, we often shoot with a drone diving angle to simulate the perspective of a fighter jet to reflect its speed and make the audience more immersive .

5. Reasonable use of different lenses

When shooting dives, hedges, and front-on-the-ground shots, we use wide-angle lenses more, because using a wide-angle lens in such a viewing angle will increase the speed of the foreground compared to a medium telephoto lens, thus reflecting the sense of speed.

When shooting with foreground following and side sticking to the ground, the medium telephoto lens will make the scene difference smaller, making people feel that there are more reference objects moving past, and the sense of speed is stronger.

Of course, if you want to take a good picture that can be used, it is very important that you need to maintain the stability of the picture, which requires the pilot to keep his shooting trajectory, and the drone needs to be in a stable state, which requires Pilot technology.

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Author: Yoyokuo