High Speed Rail Service Extended!

Three new high speed rail services between Zhuhai and other parts of China will be launched this month and all will pass through Guangzhou en route to their destinations. The trains will travel from Zhuhai to Shanghai (13 hours), Guiyang (7 hours) and Changsha (4 hours), cutting the journey time between the cities dramatically, although CRT authorities have not yet released the exact dates that the services will begin.

High Speed Rail Service Extended!

Initially, services from Zhuhai to Shanghai will run four times a week, with the other destinations being served once per day, although this is likely to change once passenger numbers and other factors are taken into consideration. Other routes throughout Guangdong are also going to be upgraded to handle the new high speed service and this will extend the reach of high speed rail to more of the region, thus reducing journey times and removing traffic from the roads.

One route that will benefit most from reduction in travel time by the use of high speed rail is the Guangzhou to Bangbu, Anhui Province, service. Journey time will be reduced substantially from the current trip, saving passengers around 16 hours over the current rail journey between the two cities. Such a saving in time makes high speed rail a definite contender in the battle between the plane and the train, with the time spent travelling to airports out of town and then checking in being usefully replaced by a direct rail link into the heart of the city.

More rail servies between Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan are also being launched later in the year, adding even more choice for the traveller in Guangzhou. Rail travel also offers other benefits to business commuters, such as allowing them to work as they are travelling and making their day more productive, as well as being a more environmentally friendly option, instead of going by car or plane.

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Author: Chris Na