Harm Of Silicone Oil To Human Body

silicone oil is used as a prosthetic product for breast augmentation. After being used for more than 40 years and in the early 1990s, it was found that silicone oil may cause the decline of human immune function or cause cancer, so it was banned in Europe and America. At that time, the United States produced silicone gel prosthesis company was prosecuted, lost a lot of money. In the past two years, silicone oil has been widely used in Europe, but it is still banned in the United States.

Some products based on silicone oil will be slightly corrosive, so more attention should be paid during transportation and production.


How to distinguish silicone oil

(1) Observation with eyes: pseudosilicone oil will be turbid, with strong smell and odor;

(2) Test with fire: glass or iron stick dipped with a small amount of silicone oil to ignite, can ignite and emit black smoke is white mineral oil, pure silicone oil ignited with fire will not burn, and no smell, clear, transparent, non-toxic. The ignition point of silicone oil is 320 degrees.

(3) Test method: silicone oil will not freeze at – 50 degrees, false silicone oil will appear turbid or frozen.

Harm Of Silicone Oil To Human Body

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