Hardware stamping parts are commonly used parts in metal processing

Metal stamping parts are the most commonly used parts in metal processing and mechanical manufacturing. Stamping processing is a processing method that uses molds to separate or shape metal strips. Its application range is very wide. The processing materials of metal stamping parts are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (mainly cold-rolled) sheet metal materials, such as carbon steel plate, alloy steel plate, spring steel plate, galvanized plate, tin plate, stainless steel plate, copper and copper Alloy plate, aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, etc. Today we introduce the slip line method of metal stamping parts.

The basic assumption of the slip line method is: the thickness of the sheet flange is constant, and it is in a state of plane strain, the data is isotropic, and there is no hardening, and it does not consider the influence of friction dispersion on plastic activity. There are three common basic methods.

Geometric mapping method:

This method was first proposed by R. Sowerby et al. They believed that it was possible to complete the mapping of the workpiece to the blank based on certain assumptions without considering the boundary conditions such as deformation force, stress-strain relationship and boundary friction.

Experience method:

The method of metal stamping is mainly based on some experience calculation formulas, so its application range is affected. It is mainly used for developable stamping parts with a relatively simple appearance (such as rotating parts, bending parts, or stamping formed by a combination of these simple parts). Pieces).

What is the function of metal stamping shrapnel? Zhongshan Da Hardware Products Co., Ltd. explained the function of metal stamping shrapnel. The following is divided into four points:

  • (1) It can control mechanical movement, such as the valve shrapnel in the internal combustion engine and the control shrapnel in the clutch.
  • (2) It can store and output energy as power, such as mobile phone card shrapnel and mobile phone antenna shrapnel.
  • (3) It can absorb the energy of vibration and impact, such as the shock-absorbing shrapnel under the car and train carriage and the vibration-absorbing shrapnel in the coupling, etc.
  • (4) Metal stamping can be used as a component for measuring force, such as force gauges and shrapnel in shrapnel scales and so on.

The ratio of the load to the deformation of the shrapnel is called the stiffness of the shrapnel. The greater the stiffness, the harder the shrapnel. If according to the nature of the force, the shrapnel can be divided into compact shrapnel and curved shrapnel, etc. If according to the shape, the shrapnel can be divided into S-shaped, C-shaped, circular, Z-shaped, spoon-shaped and so on.

Stamping is one of the most commonly used processing tools in hardware processing. Metal stamping parts refer to molds for steel or non-ferrous metal plates at room temperature, which are formed into a specified shape by the pressure required for processing by a press. So how does the metal stamping manufacturer inspect the quality of the metal stamping parts? Let’s share with you by Kechuang.

Regarding metal stamping processing, we must first control the quality of the original data. The inspection time period can be divided into data acceptance and data cleaning, pre-consumer inspection and after data. Next, the following five inspection methods can be used to stop the inspection of the formed stamping parts.

1. Touch inspection

Wipe the surface of the outer cover with clean gauze. The inspector needs to wear touch gloves to touch the surface of the stamping part along the longitudinal direction of the stamping part. This inspection method depends on the experience of the inspector. If necessary, oilstone can be used to polish the detected suspicious area and verify it, but this method can be regarded as an effective quick inspection method.

2. Whetstone polishing

  • 1. First wipe the surface of the outer cover with clean gauze, and then use oilstone for polishing, and polish the center of the arc and the hard-to-reach center with a relatively small oilstone.
  • 2. The choice of whetstone particle size depends on the appearance. It is recommended to use fine-grained oilstone. The direction of whetstone grinding basically stops along the longitudinal direction, and it fits well with the appearance of the stamping parts, and the local special center can also supplement the horizontal grinding.

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