Fushun Aluminum held the third QC results conference

On the afternoon of September 23, the third QC results conference of Fushun Aluminum Co., Ltd. organized and undertaken by the company’s safety and environmental protection department was held in the large conference room on the second floor of the company’s office. Company leaders Wang Qun and Zhang Dezhi, assistant general manager Gao Qiang and related personnel attended the press conference.

At the press conference, a total of 8 QC groups from 5 units released their QC results this year. After the judges’ questions, comments and scoring, the subject of the second group of QC of the Calcining Department, “Intelligent Hammer Spray System for Calciner Volatile Avenue” won the first prize of this QC results conference. The subject of the QC team of the roasting department “Reducing natural gas consumption” won the second prize, the subject of the QC team of the molding department “Improving the rate of compliance with the compressive strength of green blocks” and the subject of the QC team of the safety and environmental protection department “reducing the analysis time of coke” Won the third prize.

At the meeting, Gao Qiang affirmed the double improvement in the quantity and quality of the company’s QC group activities in the past three years, and emphasized the need to further expand employee participation and increase the innovation and practicality of the results.

The company’s party committee secretary, executive director and general manager Wang Qun first affirmed the contribution of QC activities in recent years to the company’s production, quality, and management improvement, and combined the actual position of each QC team, conducted in-depth research on topics, and made good use of QC tools. Commendation was offered.

Wang Qun requested that leaders at all levels attach great importance to QC activities to improve the quality awareness of all employees. We must be problem-oriented, choose topics based on reality, and solve practical problems. It is necessary to make full use of the results of the QC group activities to promote the improvement of the company’s product quality and continue to promote the high-quality development of Fushun Aluminum. He also hopes that each group will research and release more, better and more creative QC results, and make more contributions to the company’s development.

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