fruit crate molding line solution

As a large demand for the fruit crates which used for fruit and vegetable shipping,fruit crate mould is also have a huge demand.Sino Mould China could offer you turnkey solution for the crate molding line.We make four cavity crate moulds and two cavity crate moulds in order to satisfy our customer’s production requirement.Welcome your enquiry.

At present,Sino Mould have four different sizes fruit crate moulds in storage,please kindly refer to the following picture for our mould samples.All the crates are suitable for containing fruits and vegetables.It is very popular in Africa market and Middle East market.

All the four crate mould we use 4tips hot runner system for the injection,the mould steel material is P20 for the core and cavity.All the mould spare parts we made according to the DME standard.We use oil cylinder for the four sliders moving and puller system for the stripper plate ejection.

One set of ready injection molding machine DKM650 could offer together with these moulds.We could supply the whole molding line together with the additional machines.Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.Thanks.

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