Focus on the 97th China Electronics Show and take stock of the “new forces” of domestic devices

The 9th China Electronics and Information Expo (CITE2021), known as the vane of the electronics industry, will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from April 9th ​​to 11th, 2021 in conjunction with the 97th China Electronics Show. This expo focuses on industry hotspots, and will focus on displaying representative Electronic information including electronic components, 5G and Internet of Things, smart home, artificial intelligence, intelligent networking and new energy vehicles, intelligent manufacturing and robots, big data and storage, integrated circuits, etc. The core application and direction of the future development of the industry. The exhibition has set up CITE theme pavilion, ultra-high-definition Display pavilion, intelligent manufacturing and 3D printing pavilion, cutting-edge technology application pavilion, e-sports pavilion, big data storage pavilion, IoT and 5G application pavilion, intelligent driving and automotive technology pavilion, and basic electronics pavilion There are 20 professional exhibition areas in nine exhibition halls. It is understood that this expo attracted more than 1,500 well-known enterprises to participate in the exhibition, more than 50 professional forums were held at the same time, and more than 100,000 professional visitors visited the site. As an excellent event for scientific and technological exchanges, CITE2021 will fully demonstrate the latest development achievements and trends of the electronic information industry in the intelligent era for the industry, and create an international first-class display platform in the field of electronic information.

Focus on the 97th China Electronics Show and take stock of the “new forces” of domestic devices

Among them, Hall 9-Basic Electronics Hall, as the traditional exhibition area of ​​CITE exhibition, mainly displays components, materials, equipment, instruments, special electronic related products and technologies, attracting Guangdong Kexin Electronics, Guangzhou Feihong semiconductor, Shenai Semiconductor , Dongguan Tongke Electronics, Tongmao Electronics, Sichuan Yongxing, Hunan Xiangyi, Kedajia Electronics, Huashengchang, 41 and other manufacturers actively participated.

Power devices are the key products displayed in Hall 9. Power semiconductor devices are widely used in the power electronics industry and are one of the basic components of electronic products. In the process of industrial electronic upgrading, more and more attention and application.

In recent years, the voice of the Internet of Everything is getting louder and louder. Vehicles represented by automobiles and high-speed rails, new energy fields represented by photovoltaics and wind power, communication equipment represented by mobile phones, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators The consumer-grade products represented by the company are constantly improving the level of electronics, among which the high degree of electronics of new energy vehicles is the most eye-catching; at the same time, traditional industries such as industry and power grids are also accelerating the process of electronics. The electronic development of almost the entire industry is bound to greatly increase the demand for power semiconductor devices. At present, the world’s power semiconductor devices are mainly provided by three countries and regions: Europe, the United States, and Japan. They occupy about 70% of the global market share by virtue of advanced technology, manufacturing process, and leading quality management system. The market size of power semiconductor devices in mainland China is about 40% of the world’s; In recent years, domestic power devices are also catching up. Driven by the needs of emerging markets such as new infrastructure, the demand for devices such as MOSFETs and IGBT modules has further increased.

Focus on the 97th China Electronics Show and take stock of the “new forces” of domestic devices

With the continuous advancement of technology, power semiconductor devices are constantly evolving. Since the 1980s, power semiconductor devices MOSFET, IGBT and power integrated circuits have gradually become the mainstream application types. IGBT has undergone seven technological evolutions such as device vertical structure, gate structure and silicon wafer processing technology. At present, the withstand voltage capability has jumped from 3000V in the fourth generation to 6500V in the seventh generation, and has achieved high frequency (10-100kHz). )application. Guangzhou Feihong Semiconductor and Shenai Semiconductor both displayed MOSFET and IGBT related products, among which IGBT is Shenai’s key research and development product, which is mainly used in the fields of electromagnetic heating and frequency conversion. At present, Shenai focuses on gallium nitride and IGBT power devices, industrial It is expected to give priority to mass production of gallium nitride and IGBT devices in 2021. In addition to IGBTs and MOSFETs, this exhibition also displayed many domestic discrete semiconductor devices for switches or rectifiers, such as diodes, triodes, and thyristors displayed by Guangdong Kexin Electronics and Dongguan Tongke Electronics.

In addition to power devices, passive devices such as “resistance-capacitance inductance” are also the focus of the basic components exhibition. The main inductance products of electronics are the leaders of domestic passive devices.

In addition to the above component products, test and measurement manufacturers are also one of the highlights of the exhibition in Hall 9. When it comes to this field, foreign companies like Agilent, Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz are well-deserved three giants, almost monopolizing the domestic test and measurement market, but in recent years, a large number of excellent domestic electronic testers have emerged. Measuring instrument manufacturers, such as Shenzhen Huashengchang Technology and the 41st Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (referred to as 41 Institute) at this exhibition, 41 of which have reached the world’s advanced level and are widely used in satellites. , communications, navigation, radar, scientific research, education and other fields, and has carried out instrument support for many national key construction projects such as the “Shenzhou” manned spaceflight project and the optical fiber communication trunk line project, contributing to the development of my country’s scientific and technological undertakings and information industry. made an important contribution.

As one of the top exhibitions in the domestic electronics industry, China Electronics Fair has always been based in China, and at the same time attracts world-renowned manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, which can bring the latest industry development trends to the industry.

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Focus on the 97th China Electronics Show and take stock of the “new forces” of domestic devices

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Focus on the 97th China Electronics Show and take stock of the “new forces” of domestic devices

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Focus on the 97th China Electronics Show and take stock of the “new forces” of domestic devices

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