Features of automotive precision stamping parts and precautions for material selection

Car fine stamping parts are metal stamping parts that constitute car parts. There are many varieties, such as spring trays, spring seats, spring brackets, end caps, caps, shrink valve covers, shrink valve sleeves, oil seal seats, and bottoms. Cover, dust cover, impeller, oil canister, lugs, bracket, etc. are all classified as car stamping parts. When selecting materials for fine stamping parts of cars, metal materials with different mechanical functions are selected according to the stamping type and application characteristics of the car, so as to achieve the purpose of not only ensuring product quality, but also saving materials.

Features of fine stamping parts for cars:

  • 1. Fine stamping products have light weight and good rigidity, and because of plastic deformation, their strength has been improved.
  • 2. It has high dimensional accuracy and the same size as the module, so it has good interchangeability and can satisfy general installation and operation requirements. If there is no special requirement, it can be used directly.
  • 3. The appearance of the material is not damaged during the stamping process, so it can have a better appearance quality. Then, if it is painted, electroplated, and other surface treatments, it can be conveniently carried out and good effects can be obtained.

Precautions for selection of fine stamping parts for cars:

1. The selection of materials should be reasonable

Reasonable selection of materials is an important and complicated operation. The steel used for cold stamping is mainly steel plates and steel strips, which account for 70% of the steel consumption of the whole vehicle. The cold stamping materials are closely related to the production of car stamping parts, and the materials are good. Damage not only determines the function of the product, but also directly affects the process planning of the fine stamping parts of the car, and affects the quality, cost, service life and production organization of the product.

2. Material selection criteria

  • 1) The selected materials should first be satisfied with the functional requirements of the car parts;
  • 2) The selected materials must have better process functions;
  • 3). The selected data must be economical.

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