Feature Of Silicone Hair Cutting Collar

Feature Of silicone Hair Cutting Collar

Non-stick hair: Our silicone hair cutting collar has a smooth surface and does not stick to hair. The broken hair is attached to the shawl, and the hair will fall off when the hair dryer blows.

High-quality silicone: Silicone hair cutting collar is made of high-quality silicone material, good toughness, foldable without deformation, easy to store, strong heat resistance.

Protect the neck: Our silicone hair cutting collar effectively protects the neck and clothes from chemical substances, hair and water damage.

Convenient to carry: Silicone hair cutting collar can be folded and stored, easy to wear and clean, lightweight and portable, easy to carry, haircut shawl, oil spray treatment, non-stick hair, strong magnet.

Professional hairdressing accessories: The silicone hair cutting collar is perfect for haircuts, and it can be used when dyeing hair, which can effectively ensure that the hair dye will not pollute the clothes.

Feature Of Silicone Hair Cutting Collar

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