Fake and inferior auto parts can cause traffic accidents


In recent years, traffic accidents involving directors of fake and inferior auto parts have appeared from time to time. A taxi driver in Hengyang said that he had encountered this situation twice, once because he bought an old bearing and the wheel suddenly flew during driving. When I went out, the brakes failed because of a leak in the brake hose. The car hit a tree before it stopped. Fortunately, it did not hurt anyone twice. However, he learned a lesson from then and never went to a small accessory store to buy accessories, nor did he go to a small repair shop to repair a car. The development of modern industrial civilization has made the global environmental awareness increasingly stronger. The automobile industry is facing a major problem of reducing environmental pollution, and the traditional automobile industry is facing a green revolution. However, counterfeit and inferior auto parts run counter to this. Due to the use of fake and inferior auto parts such as air filters, oil filters, gasoline filters, etc., the noise and exhaust gas of automobiles have greatly increased. It can be said unceremoniously that fake and inferior auto parts are the black sheep that causes urban environmental pollution. Under-brand companies with a little technical strength are targeting those imported auto parts or key parts with higher profits.

The energy problem is a worldwide problem, and the voice of an energy crisis has been heard in recent years. Automobiles are the “big households” that consume energy and bear the brunt of energy conservation. They are the subject of key research and strict control. They not only have indicators for the fuel consumption rate of the engine, but also require the use of energy-saving devices as much as possible. Counterfeit and inferior auto parts simply ignore this point, which greatly increases the fuel consumption rate of cars, which not only wastes a lot of energy, but also causes users to suffer unnecessary losses in the economy.

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