Fabrication Process of Prototype Silicone Mold

Quick fabrication of prototype silicone mold: 

The quick fabrication of silicone mold is one of the methods for making prototype. The silicone molds can be fabricated in two methods: direct molding and secondary molding. In direct molding method, the cavity structure is formed by curing the silicone rubber in one piece, which is then manually cut and parted into upper and lower molds for curing respectively. In practical application, the direct molding method is mostly adopted in the following process. 

Main factors influencing the properties of prototype silicone mold include the properties of silicone used in making mold, mold sprue and mold structure, mold core and prefabricated parts, mold dimensions and cavity volume, which can affect the precision and service life of the injection molded parts. 

The prototype silicone mold shave the following features: 

1) Desirable mold workability. The formed soft molds after curing aretransparent or translucent,ofgood tensile strength, and easy to cut. 

2) Highreproductibility. Thesiliconerubber has good liquiditybefore curing, which is suitable forvacuum degassingandcan accurately maintainthedetailed structure and patterns of the mold. 

3) Excellent mold releasing. As for the reverse draft angle in the direction of mold releasing, the mold can be taken out directlydue to the elastic deformation of materials. 

(4) Favorable mold dimensions and stability. 

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Author: Yoyokuo