Excellent material nickel alloy,What are the common alloys?

Excellent material nickel alloy,What are the common alloys?

 UNS N10001, N10665, N10675, N06455, N06022, N10276, N06200, N06035, N06030, N06635, N10003, N06002, R30188, N06230, R30556


UNS N06600, N06601, N06617, N06625, N07718, N07750, N08800, N08810, N08811, N08825, N09925, N08926


UNS N04400, N05500


These are all common nickel alloys.



MT produces nickel alloy products such as tube, pipe, plate, strip, fitting, flange, etc. Nickel alloy tubes have excellent corrosion resistance, high melting point, and oxidation resistance.


In addition to high melting point and resistance to oxidation and corrosion, nickel alloys have good ductility, they can be plated, and are easy to weld, making them suitable for use in high and low-temperature industries.


Nickel-based alloys have a higher ability to accept alloying elements in solid solution than other stainless steels or iron-based alloys. As a result, they can maintain higher metallurgical stability.


The combination of high alloying and multiple elements provides very good corrosion resistance in a wide range of environments while still maintaining good welding and forming properties.



Nickel alloys are excellent materials for chemical processing and heat exchangers in the nuclear industry. They are used in steam generator tubes in the nuclear power industry, in high-temperature aircraft systems, and in oil and gas extraction solutions where corrosion, pressure and temperature resistance are required. Their corrosion resistance also makes them useful in seawater desalination plants.


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