Enquiry of Rapid Prototyping From Australia

Many customers will make some prototypes to verify their design before go to mass production. Wehelp lots of customers to prototype their ideas and lunch the products to market. Recently, we got some rapid prototyping enquiries from Australia clients, below is the details:

1. Hi I am looking for a factory that can make high precision parts from Polypropylene(PP) material. 

2.I will also need them made in exact color codes from RAL and Pantone chart, so you must have a machine that makes colors automatically, this is very important to get the precise color/shade, do you have such a machine? 

3. Also please let me know what is the tolerance you can make the parts with and how long will it take? I will need 12 pieces of part 00_03 and 16 pieces for 00_04. I will also need 4 pieces of 00_01_TPE2 to be made from TPE Shore_60, and color also must be made by a machine. 

4. If you can make the above for me please provide the quote and a lead time. Please provide your e-mail address as I can not attach 3d files here. Thanks!

NICE is specialist in rapid tooling, prototyping and low volume production in China. It is devoted to providing efficient solutions to reduce product R&D expenditure and timely launch products to the market. We are very pleased to provide services if you want to find a best solution for your ongoing project, contact us at [email protected] to get a free quote. 

Author: Chris Na