Do Treadmills Need Maintenance?

In the busy study and work, I believe many friends will choose to relax and improve physical fitness through fitness. However, not everyone has the time and energy to go to the gym to participate in systematic fitness training. In this case, many people will choose to buy a treadmill as a daily fitness equipment at home. However, do you know what to do to maintain your treadmill, improve the feeling of use, and extend the service life?


Avoid voltage instability when using treadmill

For example, the power of a small electric appliance, such as a hair dryer, is ten times higher than that of a large electric appliance. Therefore, in all cases of voltage instability, please do not use the treadmill. Weak voltage is not only difficult to drive the running of the treadmill, reduce your use feeling and exercise efficiency, but also cause damage to the motor.


The preparatory work should be done well

When you set foot on the treadmill to prepare for running, you will do some warm-up activities to prepare. In fact, the treadmill also needs "warm-up preparation": first, before starting the treadmill, be sure to clean the belt and workbench of the treadmill and check whether the buttons are in normal working state.

Secondly, after each boot, it is suggested that the user should stand at both ends of the running belt and wait for 1-2 minutes after the running speed reaches the normal speed, and then step on the treadmill to start the exercise, so as to prevent the uneven speed caused by the unstable voltage of the treadmill and affect the user's feeling.

The frequency of lubrication is important

Adding lubricating oil is one of the most important maintenance for the inner hub and outer belt of the treadmill. However, many friends never give their own treadmill lubrication care, which is a big misunderstanding. The correct nursing steps should be to clean up the impurities between the running board and the running belt, remove the oil stains, and add the specified brand lubricating oil to the inlet to prevent leakage.

In addition to the necessity of this operation, the frequency is also very important. The frequency of using the treadmill varies from person to person, so the frequency of adding lubricating oil is also different: Generally speaking, users who use the treadmill for less than 3 hours a week should be lubricated every 6 months, while those who spend more than 3 hours a week and less than 5 hours a week need to be lubricated every 3 months; and for users who spend more than 5 hours a week, every 9 0 days need to carry out a nursing, to ensure the normal operation of the treadmill.

Rational use of treadmill

Just as people need to rest after exercising, so do treadmills after certain operation. Simple lubrication care and cleaning can not achieve a comprehensive maintenance of the treadmill. In your daily use, reasonable use time is also a kind of maintenance: it is generally recommended that the treadmill should be powered off in 2 hours under medium and high intensity use, and the motor should rest for 10-15 minutes.

In addition, the maintenance of running belt is also very important. In daily use, please be sure to adjust the running tightness to a proper degree: too loose running belt is easy to slip in the process of use, which is very dangerous; and too tight running belt will cause motor overheating, which will aggravate the internal mechanical wear of the treadmill and reduce the service life.

Now do you have a more detailed concept of the maintenance of the home treadmill? The next time you exercise your body, also remember to maintain the treadmill "body", to achieve better exercise experience and effect!

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