Distinguish the quality of stainless steel decorative panels

Stainless steel decorative board (also called “color stainless steel board”) refers to the coloring of the primary color stainless steel by electroplating and water plating surface treatment. The surface is coated with a corrosion-resistant, high-temperature, wear-resistant plating layer. If there is a higher requirement for the look and feel, etching, embossing, drawing and other processes can be performed before the electroplating process to make the most ideal pattern for the customer. In the past ten years, the performances of various fields have been quite outstanding, and the plates that seem to be unremarkable have been installed.

When sourcing such materials, we should focus on quality, not price. If you buy a plate with quality problems at a cheap price, would you still think that it was earned? Even if it can be returned, it wastes manpower and material resources and wastes time. In case the construction period is relatively fast, minutes will lead to delay in the progress of the project. So how do you tell the quality of colored stainless steel decorative panels?

First, observe the surface of the board

Since the color stainless steel plate is mainly used for architectural decoration and decoration, the ornamental is very important. When the owners check the goods, they need to take good care of them and carefully inspect and observe the surface to see if there is any color difference, as well as nail holes, scratches, sand holes, peeling water marks and other issues.

Second, the resolution of the substrate material

If there is no problem with the surface of the substrate, it is necessary to check whether the substrate material is 201 or 304. This is because the bad companies in the industry often replace the food grade stainless steel 304 and 316 with the industrial 201 stainless steel with poor quality. When many stainless steel plates are installed in the decoration and decoration project, the surface has the problem of color falling off, rusting or even breaking. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish whether the material is 201 or 304.

There is a specially tested syrup on the market that drops on the surface of the substrate and the syrup reacts with the plate. Through these reactions to identify the type of sheet, if you are worried that the sheet will be damaged, it is recommended that you drop on the back of the sheet, the result is the same, and will not hurt the surface of the substrate without affecting the use.

Third, the quality of the film

After the processing is completed, a protective film is usually applied on the surface of the colored stainless steel plate to ensure the smoothness of the surface and to avoid scratching by hard objects. If the quality of the protective film is not good, it will be powdered for a long time, it will be difficult to tear, or it will stick to a lot of glue on the surface after tearing, which is unsightly. When inspecting the product, it is recommended to tear a large area to check the quality of the film, and after the installation of the decoration project, tear off the film as soon as possible, especially the outdoor decoration.

But even if you understand the methods of identification, you should warmly remind everyone that the purchase of color stainless steel materials or such materials is still to choose a relatively well-known manufacturers, quality problems are guaranteed, even if there are genuine quality problems, there is a perfect after-sales service. Buy, you have to buy it with confidence, you need to use it comfortably, then maintenance can save you.

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