Difference between platinum silicone tube and ordinary silicone tube

Platinum silicone tube is an upgraded version of ordinary silicone tube, which has wider application value. Whether it’s stretchability, chemical inertness, or temperature, it’s better than regular silicone tubing. Let people take a step closer to advanced food and drug equipment. So, in the end, what is the difference between platinum silicone tubes and ordinary silicone tubes? Let’s make a small comparison.

First, ordinary silicone tube


Difference between platinum silicone tube and ordinary silicone tube

Ordinary silicone tube is made of ordinary silica gel. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry in the early days of silica gel application. However, with the use of the year after year, its effect has gradually declined. Even though silica gel has a strong physiological inertia, the pharmaceutical industry has a very high demand for equipment. In order to protect human life, a large number of ordinary silica gel materials are eliminated every year, which increases medical costs.

Second, platinum silicone tube
This new type of silica gel material is the savior of ordinary silica gel materials. It is made of imported materials and uses two-component addition vulcanizing agent. Many times the hospital will do some human implant surgery for the patient, and the patient will generally have a large rejection reaction. At this time, the new silica gel material will play a role in minimizing the inflammation of the surrounding tissue and causing side effects. Minimize to avoid complications in the patient. And the service life and transparency of platinum silicone tube are very prominent, although it is slightly more expensive than ordinary silicone tube, but the practical value is better, the use is more assured, and the purchase is more peace of mind.

With the development of modern technology, China’s control over the food and drug field is becoming more and more strict. The platinum silicone tube has passed SGS strict quality inspection, and has passed the double high quality standard of ROHS and PAHS, which has been recognized by all walks of life. Consumers purchase Platinum silicone tubes are also more assured, with basic product support.

Consumers face all kinds of products on the market, we must buy high-standard silicone materials at one time, consumers can not choose inferior products because of the small cheap. In any case, the platinum silicone tube provides us with a brand new silicone material channel. It is believed that it will become the “overlord” in the food and drug industry and win more people’s recognition.

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