Diesel additives suitable for improving the stability of our plant’s catalytic diesel


The blending process was expanded and transformed, the blending capacity was expanded, the current pump cycle blending was changed to pipeline blending; the lubricating oil packaging adopts automatic or semi-automatic filling methods, and the small variety filling line was added; the neutral oil compliance work was carried out . While doing a good job in device transformation and improving the technical level, attention should be paid to the upgrading of oil products and the development of new products. It is necessary to strengthen the configuration of equipment and the construction of pilot plants, build a lubricating oil pilot test base, and give full play to the characteristics of small plants. And advantages, meet the needs of special users, accelerate the research and development of new products, and occupy the market.

The direction of product structure adjustment. The market for any product, including petroleum products, is changing at any time. This is not only reflected in the supply and demand relationship between products and users, but also in product quality, price, and product applicability. Therefore, refineries produce The products are not fixed and immutable. The product structure should be adjusted in accordance with market changes, products should be updated, competitiveness should be improved, and market share should be expanded to meet the needs of market users.

Pay close attention to the upgrade of light oil. At present, we must pay attention to the quality of products, especially the quality of gasoline and diesel. On the basis of ensuring the quality of 90# and 93# gasoline, develop and produce 95# or even 97# unleaded gasoline; at the same time To produce more high-quality diesel. As far as the current situation of our plant is concerned, we should choose diesel additives that have good effect, low cost, and are suitable for improving the stability of our plant’s catalytic diesel. In order to solve the problem of straight-run gasoline, in addition to opening the straight-run gasoline aromatization device and speeding up the progress of the gasoline etherification process, it is also necessary to make a fuss on the initial distillation tower to increase the solvent oil side line, increase the solvent oil output, and reduce the atmospheric pressure. Tower load, expand the processing capacity of the device.

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