Development focus and strategy of China’s mold industry

With the vigorous development of high and new technology today, in order to ensure the rapid development of the mold industry, which belongs to the high-tech industry, many common technologies in the mold industry must also be improved. The development and application of high and new technologies should be continued. They are mainly to develop software with independent intellectual property rights, suitable for China's national conditions, and with a high level of mold design, processing and mold enterprise management, and continuously improve the degree of intelligence and integration of the software. Promote the application of high-speed, high-precision processing technology and develop corresponding equipment. High-speed and high-precision machining includes cutting, electrical machining and compound machining. In the next 15 years or so, the Chinese machine tool industry should gradually provide the mold industry with corresponding equipment suitable for high-speed and high-precision machining of molds. If possible, it is recommended to develop high-precision mold manufacturing with independent intellectual property rights and an accuracy of 0.0001mm. equipment. Further development, improvement and application of new technologies for rapid prototyping and rapid economic mold manufacturing. Vigorously develop and promote informatization and digital technology. For example, the research and development and application of reverse engineering, concurrent engineering, and agile manufacturing technology; including large-scale progressive die, high-precision, high-complexity, high-tech advanced mold 3D design and manufacturing technology research and development; including stamping process design system, mold The research and development of the digital design and manufacturing system for body molds including profile design system, forming analysis system, mold structure design system, mold CAM system and stamping expert consulting system; mold integration, flexibility and automatic processing technology, network and virtual technology, etc. New process and new technology of mold manufacturing. Energy-saving and material-saving technologies for mold manufacturing, mold heat treatment, surface finishing and new surface treatment technologies, etc. Development, serialization and correct selection of high-performance mold materials. In addition to continuing to increase production capacity, China's mold industry will also focus on the adjustment of the industry's internal structure and the improvement of technological development. In terms of structural adjustment, it is mainly the adjustment of enterprise structure to specialization, the development of product structure to medium and high-end molds, the improvement of import and export structure, the analysis of mold forming and structure improvement of medium and high-end automobile panels, multi-functional composite molds and composite processing and laser technology Application in mold design and manufacturing, high-speed cutting, super finishing and polishing technology, development of information technologyPrevious: Briefly describe the technical development of mold manufacturing and processingNext: Features of all-electric injection molding machine

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