Deodorization silicon rubber sealing ring

Are there many bug and stink in your toilet and kitchen ? So you are very strange that the toilet is very clean .where the bug and stink are from ? Actually ,it is simple .The gap between sewer and drain is not obturaged by silicone sealing strip .As we all know ,it is a habit to use glass cement to seal up the gap between sewer and drain . But the gap between sewer and drain is not obturaged .
The connection between the sewer and drain is inflected . It is easy to jam by hair dirt and hard to clean . So the sewer gas will come out .A long time, the insects flying everywhere.
How to slove the problem ? Use the silicone sealing ring to connect sewer and drain .Silicone sealing ring is made of high quality silicone materials , high elasticity and ageing resistance ,acid & alkali resistant and corrosion resistant . It is a good choice to slove problem .


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