Dalian Dapinjia Group Launches Microchip-based Wireless Smart Lighting Solution

The leading distributor of Electronic components dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market – Dalianda Holdings announced that its subsidiary Pinjia has launched a wireless smart lighting solution based on Microchip’s BM77 Bluetooth module and extremely low-power MCU PIC16F1503, suitable for applications including household balls. Bulbs, ceiling lights, commercial spotlights, stage lights and other occasions.

The ISSC bluetooth module BM77 acquired by Microchip integrates the underlying bluetooth protocol, which can transmit MCU data to the client through transparent transmission; supports BLE 4.0+SPP 3.0+IAP; supports iOS and Android systems; can realize the connection between LED lights and mobile terminals without a gateway Connectivity; SAC provides a complete solution. This module is one of the Bluetooth modules with the best compatibility and the largest shipments. It allows engineers to not worry about wireless communication systems and accelerates the time to market of products, especially suitable for traditional lighting companies.

Dalian Dapinjia Group Launches Microchip-based Wireless Smart Lighting Solution

Figure 1 – Dalian Dapinjia Microchip BM77 Wireless Smart Lighting Schematic

Dalian Dapinjia Microchip Wireless Smart Lighting Solution Features:

• Working voltage: AC 220V;

• Power: Different MOSs can be connected to drive LEDs of different powers;

• Color: 160,000 colors, 9W RGBW bulbs can be directly adjusted according to the mobile phone interface;

• Group control, password lock, timing switch.

Dalian Dapinjia Group Launches Microchip-based Wireless Smart Lighting Solution

Figure 2 – Dalian Dapinjia Microchip BM77 Wireless Smart Lighting Application Diagram

SAC Product Line Opportunities

Dalian Dapinjia Group Launches Microchip-based Wireless Smart Lighting Solution

Figure 3 – Dalian Dapinjia Microchip BM77 Wireless Smart Lighting Reference Schematic

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About Dalian University:

Dalian General Holdings is the world’s largest semiconductor component distributor with a leading market share in the Asia-Pacific region. Its headquarters is located in Taipei (TSE: 3702). It owns Shiping, Pinjia, Quanding and Youshang, with nearly 6,000 employees. There are more than 250 agent product suppliers, more than 120 distribution bases around the world (about 70 in the Asia-Pacific region), and the turnover in 2014 reached 14.9 billion US dollars (self-settlement). (*Market ranking is based on data published by Gartner)

Dalian General Holdings creates an industry holding platform, continuously optimizes front-end marketing and logistics support teams, acts as a professional partner in the industrial supply chain, and provides Demand Creation, Turnkey Solution, technical support, warehousing logistics and IC E-commerce and other value-added services to meet the needs of different customers such as original equipment manufacturers (OEM), original design manufacturers (ODM), electronic manufacturing service providers (EMS) and small and medium-sized enterprises. With internationalized operation scale and localized sales channels, it has been deeply involved in the Asia-Pacific market for a long time, and has been selected as the “Best IC Distributor in Asia” by professional media for consecutive years.

In order to improve the localized service quality of the General Assembly and meet the differentiated needs of customers in the Greater China region, the six major areas of services provided by the General Assembly (China) include Chinese-based (China-Based Manufacturers), Taiwanese (Taiwan-Based Manufacturers) ), foreign (Electronic Manufacturing Service), Japanese (Japan-Based Manufacturers), Korean (Korea-Based Manufacturers) and Hong Kong (HongKong-Based Manufacturers) customers. In addition to providing customers with the best turnkey solution (Turnkey Solution), Dalian University has set up a dedicated small-quantity service team (SQS, Small Quantity Service) to meet customers’ needs for small-batch device procurement. Dalian University has established Dalian University Commerce and Trade, Dalian University Commerce and Trade (Shenzhen) and Dalian University Electronics (Hong Kong) respectively in the Mainland and Hong Kong. “Professionalism and Efficiency” as the core values, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results for suppliers, customers and shareholders with professional services.

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Author: Yoyokuo