Customizing Non-woven Bags

With the development of society, people are paying more and more attention to the environment and their awareness of environmental protection has become stronger. Many things in life are to promote green environmental protection. For example, shopping in the supermarket or shopping for clothes will use bags. Many people nowadays When you go to the supermarket, you will also prepare your own bags and reduce the use of plastic bags. Some clothing stores will also use paper handbags, which are both beautiful and practical. I believe that handbags are familiar in everyone’s life. It is also frequently used in daily life. Why do more and more people choose to use it? This is because non-woven environmental protection bags can have various effects.

1. Advertising effect factors

The service life of the non-woven bag, the design and layout, and the quality of the craftsmanship affect consumers’ perception of product advertising investment and brand image. This type of advertising type non-woven environmental protection bag is a high-quality mobile advertising sign.

2. Product matching factors

The market needs more and more non-woven environmental protection bag fabrics. How to adapt the style, color and craftsmanship of your own products? Cartoon bags cannot be used to pack cooked products, bright colors cannot be packaged for serious finished products, and chemical products cannot be packaged. consider.

3. Enterprise cost factors

For non-woven bag materials, printing and lathes, there are high and low quality, such as laminating, embossing, heat transfer printing, silk printing, and other processes, so the price is also high and low.

Nowadays, consumers have more and more requirements for environmental protection bags, not only the quality is better, but the appearance is also important. Consumers get an exquisite non-woven bag when shopping, but the business gets advertising, so non-woven bags are becoming more and more popular in the market. Non-woven bags are tough, wear-resistant, durable, environmentally friendly, will not cause damage to the environment, and greatly reduce the pressure of human waste.

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