Custom Wire Forming

Wire Forming

High Precision CNC Wire Forming Springs-We are a professional manufacturer,which specialized in  producing all kinds of custom wire Forming parts.

Custom Wire Forming

Material SWC/SUS/SWP/phosphor copper
aluminium alloy/brass/enamelled wire/titanium
Wire diameter 0.1mm~80mm.
Processing craft Material purchased-production-heat treatment-surface treatment-package-shipping.
Finish nickel plating,chrome plating, zinc plating, black, beryllium copper, coating firm, melanism etc.
Heat treatment Tempering,  Stress relieving, Spheroidizing.
Custom Wire Forming
hardware, plastic parts, toy, automobile,electrommunication, lamps and lanterns,
clamp,switch, mirror, gift, art ware, molds, household appliances.
Quality Standard ISO9001:2000, SGS, ROHS.
Payment terms T/T,L/C,Western Union or Paypal.
Sampels availablity For free, The buyer is responsible for the freight.
Type of shipping By sea, air, express.
Lead time Normally in 7 working days, but based on the order quantity.
Packing PE bags, cartons, pallets.
Warranty 100% return goods or refund payment if quality problem.

Our Services for Custom Wire Forming

  • Financial Stability: We remain profitable and sustainable even through the current  economic downturn, in part though our market diversification, and in part due to our  conservative philosophy guiding the way we have done managed our business since 2000.
  • Design and Engineering Excellence: We continue to offer innovative cost-reduction options at the design stage and value-added/value engineered cost savings for our customer’s current products.
  • Flexibility to Adapt and Reinvent: We listen to our Customers and add systems,  processes,equipment or facilities constantly to meet the needs and requests of our  customers.
  • Delivery & Service: While these key indicators are a “Given” today, we track, monitor and implement  changes to always improve our goals as we strive to improve in everything we do.
  • Quality: Our commitment to quality is backed up by third party certification to world  class quality standard ISO/TS 16949:2002. We offer the global OEM market quality distinction in manufacturing,innovative & engineering.

Additional services
We are professional manufacturer,which mainly offer OEM / ODM service of Metal stamping parts,Deep Drawing parts,cnc machining parts,Wire forming parts.Our advanced equipments,professional engineers,high quality system,enable us to provide high quality with low production cost.Based on our strength, passion and capacity, we devote to supply one-stop service to customers.

We produce quality CNC machined parts, sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping prototypes and production, wire forming parts,deep drawn enclosures and related metal parts. We are committed to provide custom-made metal stamping parts at high quality and lowest cost.Under current economy situation, most customer are persuing cost-effective items.

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Author: ANDY Minghe