Custom Metal Stamping Products

Custom Metal Stamping

We are an ISO9001 certified Custom Metal Stamping Products company in China with strong capabilities in:Normal Stamping (Blanking, Bending, Forming, Piercing, Coining),Progressive Die/High Speed Stamping,Deep Drawing and so on.

Specification of Precision Sheet metal Stamping Parts.
1.Professional Precision sheet metal stamping supplier,competitive sheet precision sheet metal stamping parts manufacturer from Ningbo,China.
2.Over10 years experiences in high precision stamping processing.Providing total sheet metal stamping processing service.
3.Strict quality control guided by ISO 9001:2008,foolwed by sheet metal stamping work instruction.
4.High quality with nice price,directly from real precision sheet metal stamping factory,on behalf yourself.
5.Fast delivery, FAI samples within 15 days for complicated progressive Stamping Die,you real sheet metal stamping parts&processing partner.

Custom Metal Stamping Products

Materials Available Carbon steel (CRS/SPCC, SECC,SPCDetc),Stainless steel, spring steel, Bronze (berylium, phosphor, etc), brass, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, tinplate, nickel silver,Kinds of materials applicable for sheet metal stamping processing.
Surface Treatment zinc/nickel/chrome/tin plating(colour or natural), Galvanization, anodizing, oil spraying, powder coating, polishing, passivate, brush, wire drawing, etc.Special plating factory for sheet metal stamping parts use only.
Stamping Tools sheet metal stamping die,can be named as sheet metal stamping toos or sheet metal stamping mold.All of sheet metal stamping tools/Tooling built by ourselves according to customer instruction.
A FAI samples will sending to you after first stamping processing trail prior to stamping mass production.
Tooling cost(Developing cost) refundable after stamping parts approached certain quality
Busines Scope High precision stamping tools, High precision stamping parts,high preicison stamping processing, deep drawn processing,deep drawing tools,sheet metal stamping service.
Lead Time 15 days for High precision complicated tools.
Tolerance 100% follow to customer instruction and specification,guided by sheet metal stamping parts engineering Work Insutrction(wi).
Quality Control plan 1.Incoming and or outsourcing material which applicable for sheet metal stamping processing will be confirmed prior to use.
2.100% follow to work instruction and other metal stamping general requirement.
3.100% inspection prior to shipping in accordance with sheet metal stamping requirement.
Packing 100% follow to customer instruction,sheet metal work instruction or
Inner packing : polybag,a foam packing will be use in case of heady sheet metal stamping parts arise;
Outer packing : export cartons,special woden case will be using in case of head sheet metal stamping parts arise ;
Customized packing available ot othere metal stamping packing method applicable.
Payment T/T 30% in advance, T/T 70% against copy of B/L or L/C

Our Custom Metal Stamping services

1)All of the processing shall be completed in outr own factory from the tooling designing to making processing and sheet metal stamping processing.
2)Directly from the factory,on behalf of yourself. We are a real precision sheet metal stamping manufacturer,not a trading company.
3)We hear customer voice and have the ability to meet your need.Over 10 years, we never failed on even one project for technical feasibility problem.Each custom is so important for us,we would like to providing our best sheet metal stamping service to win more business.
4) Profit is not everything for us.We are not a sheet metal stamping parts maker,we are a high precision sheet metal stamping service and technology provider and outputer.
5) Timely delivery and excellent service.15 days for complicated progressive sheet metal stampingtools/die.

We produce quality CNC machined parts, sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping prototypes and production, wire forming parts,deep drawn enclosures and related metal parts. We are committed to provide custom-made metal stamping parts at high quality and lowest cost.Under current economy situation, most customer are persuing cost-effective items.

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Author: ANDY Minghe