Coat-hanger mould China

Plastic coat-hanger is one of the best sales products in plastic products area. We, as a plastic injection mould supplier, ever product different kinds of plastic coat-hanger mould.

Hanger shape and quality is very important factors for hanger mould manufacturing. According to the mould tooling and usage, hanger mould belongs to plastic injection mould according to the mould tooling and mould usage. Hanger mould injection molding have 6 steps: close the mould—injection—pressurize—cooling—open the mould- take out the hanger..

Commonly, we made the hanger mould for two cavity. But we, as a professional injection mould supplier, also can product the mould in 2+2 cavity. In this way, we can save production cost for clients..And this mould also have the same hot runner system and save injection machine cost.

Sino Mould, one of the best plastic injection molding manufacture, have many years experience in making plastic injection mould .Also we have brother company for plastic injection machine. So if you have any project need plastic injection service , please feel free to contact me. We can offer you all set of plastic injection solution.



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