Cnc machining piece spherical surface easy to produce shape error elimination method

When the spherical surface of the cnc is processed, especially when the ball or the surface of the quadrant is processed, it is easy to produce a shoulder or a shovel back due to improper adjustment. The main reasons are:
1, the system gap caused
In the transmission pair of cnc processing equipment, there is a certain gap between the lead screw and the nut. As the running time of the equipment increases, the gap gradually increases due to wear. Therefore, corresponding clearance compensation is performed for the reverse movement. It is the main factor to overcome the shoulders on the machined surface. The gap measurement is usually measured by a dial gauge, and the error is controlled within 0.01 to 0.02 mm. It should be pointed out here that the watch base and the watch stem should not protrude too high and too long, because the measurement of the cantilever is long, the table seat is vulnerable to force movement, resulting in inaccurate counting, the compensation value is not true.
2, the workpiece processing allowance is uneven
Before the surface of the cnc machined part is designed, whether the machining allowance of the surface to be machined is uniform is also an important reason for the forming surface to meet the design requirements, because the uneven machining allowance is easy to cause "replication" error. Therefore, for parts with high surface shape requirements, the machining allowance should be as uniform as possible before molding or by multi-machining a profile to meet the design requirements.
3, improper tool selection
The cnc machining tool removes material through the main cutting edge during cutting. However, after the circular arc has been processed through the quadrant, the secondary cutting edge may be involved in the cutting (ie, the backing) after the arc is tangent to the secondary cutting edge of the tool (the intersection of the secondary and the base). Therefore, when selecting or grinding a tool, be sure to consider the wedge angle of the tool.
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