CNC machining method for tool setting

After the tool is installed, the tool must first be tooled to determine the starting point position before executing the cnc machining program. The cnc machining tool is often a headache for the operator (economical CNC non-self-testing device), labor and time, especially when multi-tool machining, it is also necessary to measure the tool compensation.Generally, the commonly used CNC machining tooling methods are:
1. Jog and knife method
Press and hold the jog button on the control panel to touch the surface of the workpiece (two times in both X and Z directions), the counter is cleared, and then retracted to the initial position to be set (X, Z) Design the initial value), and then clear it to get the initial position of the knife. The initial position of each knife is determined in turn, and then adjusted to the exact design position (starting point) after trial processing. This method can be operated without any aids, but it takes a long time, especially if it is re-adjusted once every time the tool is ground. This method is suitable for simple processes or initial installation and commissioning.
2, using the knife method
The machine tool is equipped with a self-testing device, but the operation is complicated and it takes a certain amount of preparation time. Suitable for multi-tool measurement.
3, using CNC tools
After the tool is installed for the first time, it will wear after a period of cutting and needs to be sharpened. When the ordinary tool is re-installed after sharpening, the position of the tool tip changes and needs to be re-aligned. The characteristic of the CNC tool is that the tool manufacturing precision is high. The repeating positioning accuracy after the indexing of the blade is about 0.02mm, which greatly reduces the tool setting time. At the same time, the surface of the blade is coated with wear-resistant layer (SiC, TiC, etc.) to make it durable. The degree is greatly improved (3 to 5 times), but the cost is higher.
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