China injection chair moulds company

There are so many companies produce plastic injection chair molds all over the world. China is one of the manufacturers and specialized plastic injection molding chairs.
arm chairs, armless chair, gas assistant chair moulds and etc.

How is China chair moulds:

1. Good plastic chair mold design, China has a strong team and they have rich experience in designing the chair moulds. They are mould design is the most important step for manufacture a good plastic chair mold, reasonable mould structure, the suitable ejector system, injection system, cooling system, air venting system, guide system.

2. China will choose the suitable steel, DIN1.2738 is very good steel for chair mold,
and if customer have wanna use P20, also ok.

3.China  Choose the best suitable tooling technical, Using big CNC milling tooling machine and mould press machine.

4. Mould assembling, the chair mold assembling must be very carefully, check connect of every mould plate; ejector pin, stripper, eject block or slider should move smooth.

5. Good technician manual polishing or plus hard chrome plating keep the chair long time lasting shine.
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