Chassis Cabinet Sheet Metal Fabrication Produces Heat And Cleaning Precautions

Sheet metal chassis cleaning Note:
1. Clean the appearance of the sheet metal case with water to clean the dirt on its surface.2. Sheet Metal Fabrication by adding soap, liquid detergent or 5% aqueous ammonia solution in water.3. Re-use clean water in the cabinet to clean the cabinet.4. Wipe dry the appearance of the chassis cabinet water and then let the appearance of natural dry.Chassis cabinet Sheet Metal Fabrication heat:Machinery and equipment in the course of work will produce heat, and if the heat reaches a certain extent will make the machine equipment failure, the same chassis chassis, then there is no way to make the chassis cabinet can quickly heat it? In fact, this requires us to find the heat of the chassis cabinet and its working environment, for different situations we need to take different measures, so that the chassis cabinet Sheet Metal Fabrication easy to discharge heat, and for the promotion of temperature also have some control TheChassis Cabinet Sheet Metal Fabrication production Note: in the chassis cabinet manufacturing process to some of the metal sheet through the manual or through the tool to make it deformed, and then designed to customer needs shape and size. In this process, the demand through welding, etc. to some parts to stop processing, to meet the design purpose request.
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