Causes of noise in the punch press

With the development of technology, various new machine tools have appeared. This type of equipment has been widely used due to its many advantages. During the use of the equipment, noise sometimes occurs, which can cause certain damage to our hearing. How does the noise occur?

  • 1. The noise of the motor. After the press is turned on, the motor runs at high speed, and there will be mechanical noise caused by the vibration of rotating parts and components; the rotation of the cooling fan generates air noise; the alternating electromagnetic field interacts with the high frequency electromagnetic noise generated by the vibration of the rotor and the stator.
  • 2. The noise caused by the clearance of running parts, whether it is production debugging error or actual needs, there must be a clearance between the punching parts. The larger the clearance, the greater the noise caused by collision in production. Similarly, in the case of a fixed punch gap, the larger the stroke of the slider, the greater the noise.
  • 3. The noise of the clutch, the intermittent noise caused by the impact of the slider and the connecting rod during the reciprocating operation of the clutch when the clutch is closed. There are two types of clutches: friction type and rigid. The friction type is mostly used in small and medium tonnage high-speed presses, and the noise is relatively high.

There are many factors that affect the noise of the press. In addition to the above problems, most of them are reflected in the details. This requires us to maintain the equipment regularly to improve production efficiency and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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Author: ANDY Minghe