Carbon Trust To Advise Zhongshan on Environmental Improvements

U.K. charity The Carbon Trust has agreed to help the municipal government of Zhongshan to reduce its carbon emissions in the face of large industrial expansion in a deal which was signed at the British Embassy in Beijing and as reported on The Carbon Trust’s website. Such an agreement will ensure that the city is able to grow in a sustainable way, without causing too much undue environmental damage, which should secure its long-term future as a manufacturing an investment hub. 

Carbon Trust To Advise Zhongshan on Environmental Improvements

The city already boasts a large environmentally focused manufacturing base, which is centred on the wind turbine and LED lighting sectors primarily. Gains in environmental knowledge by the local government can also help it attract companies to the region by the sharing of knowledge gained by working with The Trust. This will enable Zhongshan to be ahead of the game when it comes to differentiating itself as an ‘eco’ manufacturing hub, as well as allowing companies to deal directly with the municipal government when implementing environmental measures, reducing cost and time.

Eventually, both the government of Zhongshan and also The Carbon Trust would like to work towards the creation of a ‘Low Carbon Service Zone’. Such an area would promote entrepreneurship and clean technologies in the city, as well as attracting international low carbon service and technology companies to the area and working alongside the Zhongshan Xiaolan Low Carbon Center.

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Author: Chris Na