Basics of Programming Technology

When machining parts on a cnc machine tool, before programming, the first thing you encounter is the problem of process programming. The part processing process on ordinary machine tools is actually just a process card. The cutting amount, the route, the work step arrangement in the process, etc. are often determined by the operators themselves, while the cnc machine tools are processed in accordance with the procedures. of. Therefore, all working procedures and steps in the processing, the cutting amount of each working procedure, the way to go, the machining allowance, and the size and type of all tools must be determined in advance and programmed into the program. For this reason, a qualified programmer should first be a good craftsman. You must be very familiar with the performance, characteristics and applications of Cnc Machine tools, cutting specifications and standard tool systems, otherwise you will not be able to comprehensively and thoughtfully consider the whole process of part processing and determine the part processing program correctly and reasonably.
Selection of machining parts
Different types of parts should be processed on different CNC machines. CNC lathes are suitable for machining shaft parts with complex shapes and mold inner cavities with complex curve revolving strokes. CNC vertical boring and milling machines and vertical machining centers are suitable for processing box bodies, box covers, plane cams, templates, plane or three-dimensional parts with complex shapes, and internal and external cavities of molds. Horizontal boring and milling machines and horizontal machining centers are suitable for processing complex box parts, pump bodies, valve bodies, shells and other multi-coordinate linkage horizontal machining centers can also be used to process various complex curves, curved surfaces, and impellers. , Molds, etc. In short, different types of parts should be processed by corresponding CNC machine tools to give full play to the efficiency and characteristics of CNC machine tools.
Division of workpiece processing procedures
Machining parts on CNC machine tools, especially machining centers, has a very concentrated process, and many parts can complete all processes in a single installation. However, the rough machining of parts, especially the machining of the reference plane and positioning surface of the casting and forging blank parts, should be processed on the ordinary machine tool, and then installed on the CNC machine tool for processing, so that the characteristics of the CNC machine tool can be used to maintain the CNC. The precision of the machine tool extends the service life of the CNC machine tool and reduces the cost of the CNC machine tool. After the rough or semi-finished parts are stuck on the CNC machine tool, the machine tool performs semi-finishing and finishing step by step according to the prescribed procedures.

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