Baotou Aluminum held the completion acceptance meeting of Huayun Phase I project

On September 23, the company held the Huayun Phase I Project Completion Inspection and Acceptance Meeting, which carried out the acceptance of the Huayun Phase I electrolytic aluminum project and the self-provided cogeneration unit project of the thermal power plant.

Yang Yanpeng, senior business manager of the Technology and Development Department of Chinalco, Han Xiaoyi, deputy secretary and general manager of Baotou Aluminum, and Xu Jing, deputy general manager, member of the project acceptance expert group, main person in charge of the company’s related second-level units, representatives of engineering design units and supervision units Attend the meeting.

At the meeting, Han Xiaoyi gave a welcome speech and introduced the overall situation of Baoaluminium’s production and operation and the first phase of Huayun, and Xu Jing introduced the construction and management of the first phase of Huayun.

The design, construction, construction participation, supervision and quality supervision units respectively report the relevant situation of the project. The experts of the acceptance team and the attendees of relevant departments of the headquarters reviewed the acceptance report and other related materials, raised questions about project acceptance on the spot, and the relevant units answered questions.

After the meeting, the experts of the acceptance team conducted a survey on the construction sites of the Huayun No. 1 Electrolysis Plant and the Thermal Power Plant. After discussion on the afternoon of the 23rd, the members of the expert group unanimously agreed to pass the completion acceptance of the Huayun Phase I project.

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