Baby Plate Silicone: Are Them A Hot Goods Recently?

In our store, here is a kind of new product ready to ship: baby plate silicone.Baby Plate Silicone: Are Them A Hot Goods Recently?The silicone plate we sell now have six different shapes. In order to test the demands of silicone baby plate and  select the most popular products, we Advertise on Alibaba, where we have an online store.I do an analyse according to the P4P data.Though the result I got is not convincing enough due to limit samples and subjective factors, as far as I am concerned, it is not a result make no sense.I firstly advertised all these six baby plates on a purpose of seeing which one can attract more visitors. The result shows that the bear shape divide baby palte silicone become the winnerBaby Plate Silicone: Are Them A Hot Goods Recently?Acoording a market research, baby use silicone plate is not a hot products on online shopping platform. However, it doesn't means that there are a small market of silicone plates.As a saying goes, the easier way to earn money is to earn women and kid's money.Baby plate, actually is a necessary products. So there are a stable need of them.Silicone, as a popular material in industry in recent years, more and more silicone products can be seen on market.According to the data I collect, there are no hot baby plate on shopping platform recently. And as for this six different shape baby plate silicone I tested, maybe it is difficult for them to be the most popular ones, they can still earn customer's favor.

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