Auto silicone braid tube

The inner wall is smooth and easy to clean.
It is suitable for automobile gas conduction, automobile pressure resistance, automobile drainage and other aspects as well as
pharmaceutical, bio-medical, cosmetic, food processing and liquid transportation (such as: milk, water, etc.), high temperature
resistant polyester wire woven in the middle and outer silicone wrap. It is a kind of high pressure resistant silicone tube,
mainly used for special environmental operations.

The raw material of automobile silicone braid tube is made of domestic or foreign high quality material.
The middle of inner tube and outer tube can be braided with multi-layer fiber line to meet higher requirements. Automobile pipe is one of them.
Besides, the platinum vulcanization production process has the advantages of safety, tasteless, physiological inertia, ultraviolet
resistance, etc., which is especially suitable for small household appliances, automobiles, etc.

Automotive silicone braided tube and silicone tube products such as the compressive properties of the difference is that it has high strength, long-term stability in the special work environment to work in pressure environment, for example, pipeline of high
pressure environment will need to use the silica gel braided tube, because the car silicone braided tube woven after high
temperature resistant polyester wire or steel wire can be strengthen composite silicone tube, it USES special craft production and
manufacturing, the lining is smooth, easy to clean.
Can be completely vacuum, anti – fracture, high temperature, non – toxic in the environment.

The product application

Food and medical treatment
state grid
5G base station
optoelectronic industry
mechanical seal
new energy motor
home appliances field
sports equipment

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