Are Alloy Chopsticks Poisonous?

What is alloy chopsticks?

Alloy chopsticks are not so-called stainless steel, iron or aluminum chopsticks.

The real alloy chopsticks are made of materials synthesized from “polymer materials” and “glass fibers”. This material is used extensively in modern high-end science. High-end fiberglass composite materials are mainly used in artificial prosthetics and some artificial organs in the medical field; high-end and high-end applications in satellites, rockets, aircraft parts and parts of the aerospace industry. Including computers, televisions, auto parts, expensive bicycles, and many other modern technology and industrial fields.

Advantages of alloy chopsticks

1) Material safety and hygiene: Alloy chopsticks have passed the national food-grade health safety test.

2) Non-adsorptive, more durable: Since the surface of the chopsticks is not adsorbed, the chopsticks are not easily eroded and become old (the chopsticks will be brighter and brighter after a long time).

3) Non-adsive, easy to clean: no need to wash detergent when cleaning, as long as it is soaked in warm water, cleaned with a clean rag and then placed in a high-temperature disinfection cabinet to sterilize, it will be clean, hygienic and refreshing.

4) Strong toughness, high temperature resistance, no bending, no deformation.

5) Anti-slip property: The straight and straight chopsticks are hard to match with chopsticks made of other materials, so the anti-slip effect of alloy chopsticks has always been the best.

Disadvantages of alloy chopsticks

1) The color of the chopstick body is single;

2) The price is high (6 times of bamboo chopsticks and 3 times of wooden chopsticks)

Alloy chopstick quality discrimination

Distinguish whether it is a real alloy chopsticks. One is to look at the texture and the other is to listen to the sound. The texture is mainly reflected in the exquisite workmanship and exquisite workmanship; the edging treatment is delicate and smooth, and the hand feels comfortable; the chopsticks chopsticks are full and full; the surface matte effect is delicate and shiny; The chopstick body is straight and straight, well-proportioned and tightly closed. The difference in sound is mainly reflected in the fact that when two chopsticks collide, they can make a crisp sound, similar to the sound produced by a metal collision.

Are aluminum chopsticks poisonous?

Generally it is not toxic. To see what the alloy is, if there are heavy metals in the alloy, such as copper, lead, etc., it will not work. The safety of alloy chopsticks has passed the national food grade safety test. Because the surface of the chopsticks has non-adsorptivity, the chopsticks are not easily eroded and old, non-adsive, tough, durable, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, non-curved, non-deformable, and the highest temperature resistance is 220 degrees. bending. The straight and straight chopsticks are hard to match with chopsticks made of other materials, and the new anti-slip treatment technology is used to avoid slipping during use.

Metal chopsticks also have many health advantages. Studies have shown that nearly half of people have Helicobacter pylori that causes stomach problems, and most of these bacteria are transmitted through the family. Chopsticks are one of the important mediators. The wooden chopsticks are loose in structure, and the surface is no longer smooth. There are many small grooves, which are very easy to leave bacteria. The wet storage environment can also cause the wooden chopsticks to germs and mold, and enter the human body with food. Health. But the metal chopsticks are different. It is very convenient to clean. It is rubbed with boiling water, and it is easy to disinfect with a napkin. Compared with chopsticks of other materials, stainless steel chopsticks are not easily deformed after being heated, which is very practical. However, it should be noted that the thermal conductivity of metal chopsticks is better, and you should be careful to burn your mouth when eating hot food.

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