Application of Dongfeng Motor Parts Equipment

Dongfeng accessories are well-known throughout the country, and in Shiyan City, Hubei, there are more than 20 units and self-employed imitations of Dongfeng accessories, without authorization of the second automobile “Dongfeng” and “Fengshen” trademarks. Among them, a factory has simple equipment and outdated technology. The parts produced are painted without chemical treatment, and the adhesion is very poor. In order to open up the market, a printing factory in Zhejiang illegally printed 20,000 second automobile trademarks and illegally made 300,000 yuan in profits. Another example is that the No. 5 factory of Beijing Auto Repair Company produces pistons, piston rings, and cylinder liners as well-known brand products. Eight manufacturers across the country counterfeit them. The factory appealed to the relevant departments but it was difficult to stop them. According to user feedback, most of the accessories produced by township enterprises in Hebei, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places are substandard products, especially rubber parts: aprons, leather bowls, seals, etc. 9 out of 10 are unqualified, but in the accessories market But it’s not uncommon.

The quality of products produced by state-owned auto parts manufacturers is also unstable, and there are often cases where this batch is qualified and the next batch is unqualified. For example, Beijing Mingguang Auto Repair Factory reported that the crankshaft of the Beijing BJ202O Jeep purchased from a factory in Beijing was out of round, had pit marks, the door lock spring failed, the oil sensor plug was installed and the oil leaked, and a box of 10 headlight switches It’s not bright. The lack of sales in the parts distribution industry is still spreading. There are many supply channels in the auto parts market, and mutual information is not communicated, resulting in repeated purchases, oversupply in the market, and fierce competition. In order to compete for users, the Busha units resorted to rebates to buyers or tied sales of daily necessities, and the invoices were reimbursed by public funds. At first, they only provided lighters, glasses, and video tapes, but now they have developed to provide high-end consumer products such as video cameras and carpets. Because the cars are owned by the public, parts dealers and parts purchasers (or car drivers) jointly dig the walls of the public.

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