Analysis of pickling stainless steel welded pipe

Analysis of pickling stainless steel welded pipe

With the demand of stainless steel market and the rapid development of the domestic and foreign markets, more and more pickling stainless steel pipes are used in various industries. Due to the different surface treatment stainless steel industrial welded pipeis are divided into strip welding, welding pipe and polishing pipe. The welding seam welding pipe is welded by automatic welding, one side welding with two sides, the welding seam is uniform and smooth. Because pickling welded pipe is made of one grade stainless steel plate, the surface of welded pipe is consistent with the original flat surface. Polishing welded pipe is welded by manual welding, polished, get rid of the weld seam and surface passivation layer and appears on the surface a certain brightness.

Stainless steel welded pipe and polishing welded pipe:
    1.The thickness of the wall of pickling welded pipe with welding seam is uniform, which has strong bearing pressure. After the manual polishing process, the wall thickness of the raw material will become thinner, especially the welding seam. The thinner the wall thickness, the lower the bearing capacity.
    2.Pickling welded pipe with welding seam can assure the properties of austenitic stainless steel. Most stainless steel welded pipe with austenitic stainless steel as raw material. Austenitic is no magnetic or weak magnetic. After polishing the welded pipe caused by chemical composition fluctuations, so that the austenitic stainless steel containing magnetic.
    3.Pickling welded pipe with welding seam has high corrosion resistance. Polishing welded pipe throwed raw materials after pickling, the formation of the passivation layer and the polishing welded pipe in the normal environment is easy to rust, corrosion resistance weakened.
    4.The quality of pickling welded pipe with welding seam is more stable. The welding pipe with weld seam is more practical. Industrial welded pipe, the main use of the pipe itself, mechanical properties, corrosion performance or channel performance, for the welding pipe surface gloss requirements is relatively low, decorative welded pipe, sanitary welded pipe. So there is no need to use the high cost of industrial use of high cost, unstable performance of the polished pipe.

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