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Sino Mould is most professionalplastic injection molds manufacturer in China. For airline cutlery mold like airline spoon mold, airline knife mold, airline fork mold, we can develop with 24 cavities, 48 cavities and so on. We offered cutlery mold for Egypt airline company, Middle East Qatar Airline Company.
Cutlery product: 158mm PS spoon, 3.9g
Cutlery mold name: Qatar PS airline spoon mold
Cutlery mold dimension: 810X520X455mm
Cutlery mold material: PS material
Cutlery mold cavity: 24 cavities
Cutlery mold steel: S136 for mold core and cavity, tempered with HRC 45-52
Cutlery mold hot runner system: 24 tips Anole hot runner system
Cutlery mold delivery time: 50 days after mold design confirmed
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