After “selling” Glory, another model left Huawei, and the domestic giant has officially taken over?

  Stripping glory, alleviating chip problems
Although Ren Zhengfei has already made preparations for a long time, he has also taken some series of measures to deal with the suppression of the United States. For example, before the implementation of the chip ban, Huawei expedited some orders from TSMC. In addition, in order to maintain Huawei’s next development, Huawei sold its most proud sub-brand, Honor.

As soon as such a news came out, it aroused widespread concern in the industry. If Huawei really chooses to divest Glory, its revenue will definitely be affected more. Huawei has always focused on the high-end market, and the middle and low-end markets Glory, Maimang, Imagination, etc. have always been in charge. Among them, Glory is the most important main force.
Honor is backed by Huawei and has good development prospects, and Huawei has also achieved very good revenue because of Honor, and has developed very well in the mid-end market. Once Huawei Honor is stripped, Huawei’s mid-range market share will definitely decline, and Honor must start from scratch.
In the end, the dust settled, Huawei was able to save itself, and Glory is still developing, and the ending is not satisfactory.

  After Glory, another model left Huawei
As early as last month, a well-known Weibo blogger, Digital Chat Station, broke the news that Huawei is preparing to cooperate with the three major operators of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom.
This can’t help but compare Huawei’s previous strategy of selling Honor with this plan. In fact, it is not difficult to guess Huawei’s consideration. After all, Honor is a well-known high-quality asset and can be sold at a good price, and these three systems are relatively It is said that the popularity is lower, and it is also a good choice to cooperate with the three major operators.

Recently, China Telecom officially released a mobile phone called Maimang 10SE, and the posters only have the words of China Telecom.

If the phone is a product jointly developed by Huawei and Maimang, there will definitely be Huawei’s logo on the poster, but it is not. Not only that, in the exposed real machine photos, there is no Huawei logo on the back.
In addition, China Telecom Hubei customer service stated on the social platform that Maimang 10SE is China Telecom’s own brand. All the circumstances together can basically confirm that the Maimang series has left Huawei and has been taken over by the domestic giant China Telecom.

  Will Nova be next?
From Glory, Changxiang to Maimang, it is clear that Huawei’s current plan is to gradually abandon low-end and mid-end products, and give up limited Kirin chips to Huawei’s high-end machines to continue to use, in order to prolong the development of the mobile phone business. This approach is also As expected by many. After all, Yu Chengdong doesn’t want to see Huawei’s other series of mobile phones stop production because of chips, and the palms and backs of the hands are full of meat.
As far as the current situation is concerned, Huawei may only have three series of Mate, P and Nova. Mate and P are the two most important products of Huawei, and Huawei has also made it clear that it will continue to maintain research and development in the future. The mid-end Nova series has obviously become an unknown, and I don’t know if the same decision as Maimang and Changxiang will be made in the future.
You know, the nova series inherits the essence of Huawei’s flagship machine, and has always used Huawei’s Kirin chip, flagship-level appearance, GPU turbo technology, and is often called Huawei’s “small flagship” by netizens. I believe Huawei will not be reluctant. give up.
So what decision do you think Huawei will make?

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Author: Yoyokuo