3D Printing Technology And Simulation Technology The Basic Idea Is

3D printing technology and simulation technology the basic idea is:1, the casting of three dimensional design (including allowances) entered in the casting process CAD, gating system calculation, riser calculation, calculation of cold iron, isolation pool calculation, modular arithmetic;
2, according to size and position the result the gating system and riser (chill) to rough castings;
3, initializes the gating system and riser information into the casting process simulation CAE, simulation of the casting process simulation and optimization of gating system and riser, will optimize the water the risk information output;
4, according to the rough three dimensional map using the HLP-500 rapid prototyping direct laser powder produce wax casting prototype (including shrinkage);
5, according to design of casting technology, prototyping wax pouring on the link system, and through the shell. Wax, the high temperature roasting process vessels;
6, will be heated to the temperature of the molten metal onto the membrane shell, cooled shells, producing rough castings;
7, finally, the use of CNC equipment to produce Assembly verify that the design of the final product.Previous: 3D Printing Technology Of Casting Production PrinciplesNext: 3D Print Casting

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