37×86 CNC logging system

With industrial control microcomputer as the core and high-speed display recording peripherals as the basic composition, the CLS3700 CNC measurement system is transformed into a 3X86 CNC measurement system. The system software is a CNC measurement software developed by BORLANDC++. The hardware composition of the 3X86 CNC measuring system and the main functions of the system software are introduced, the reasons that affect the real-time performance and speed of the measurement are analyzed, and the solutions are put forward.

Numerical control surveying; real-time surveying; information processing; data processing CLS3700 logging system is a CNC equipment imported from ATLAS logging company of the United States in the mid-1980s in China. It has played an important role in my country’s petroleum exploration and development. From the overall performance point of view, the CLS3700 logging system is superior to all kinds of domestic CNC logging equipment, but its mainframe and some peripherals are already quite backward. Therefore, the CLS3700 logging system is transformed into 37 (86 CNC logging system). It seems necessary to expand or even upgrade its functions. From the transformation of the CLS3700 logging system in the Liaohe Oilfield in 1995 to the completion of the Daqing Oilfield transformation, the hardware and software are quite complete, and the logging effect has reached and partially exceeded the original logging system. Functionally, it has also been expanded 1 system hardware, modification, 1.1 hardware modification oscilloscope 82 (thermal modification CLS3700 numerical control logging system hardware idea: industrial control microcomputer system (586 mainframe keyboard floppy hard drive, CRT display, etc.) and thermal Plotting printer, replacing the 3782 computer box and general peripherals (hard disk drives, 2 tape drives, 2 CRT plotters, CRT monitors and teletypewriters) of the original CNC logging system, retaining the bus and dedicated peripherals; designing the bus The simulation card converts the microcomputer bus signal into the multi-channel bus signal that the original host and the peripherals correspond to the bus simulation card. From the perspective of the peripherals, the host of the original CNC logging system still exists. For the selection bus connected to the CLS3700 High-speed A/D channel, specially designed an interface card, directly inserted into the I/O slot of the 586 computer, 86 CNC logging system hardware structure diagram, in which the ISA/MUX bus converter is the bus simulation card. The CLS3700 CNC logging system software is relatively outdated and the operator feels deeply inconvenient, but it is a system software with high technical content and extensive coverage and complete functions. CLS3700 is transformed into a 3X86 numerical control logging system. Because the computer hosts of these two systems are completely different, the hardware environment has undergone great changes. Therefore, the system software of CLS3700 cannot run directly on the 3X86 system and needs to be redesigned. 3X 86 numerical control The logging system software adopts the design idea of ​​combining “simulation” and “redevelopment”. For some software dealing with 3752/3764 or downhole tools, as well as some software for special processing and data filtering, “simulation” is adopted; for the interface, Data eight-eight wiring control dual-meter., <1 floppy drive I high-speed data acquisition card bus 58 host CR display 3X86 numerical control logging system hardware structure keyboard as 2bMi196Ackd male UC1985 Master of a degree associate Hh present 1 computer application research and Teaching work: http://ww.cnki.net records, real-time acquisition and real-time control plotter drawing related software, then completely adopts “redevelopment” 3X86 numerical control logging system is divided into system diagnosis, instrument calibration, and conventional logging according to functions 8 functional softwares, variable density logging, dip logging, record playback, service table and map header, each functional software adopts a modular programming method. The call of 8 functional software is carried out by the main control program. This kind of program The advantages of the structure are: It can be independent, has little mutual influence, takes up precious memory resources, and is easy to expand. It can improve the reliability of the system and the logging speed. Each functional software is composed of two parts. The program and regulations for the realization of the function are specific The service table part of the operation. The program includes the common problems of various logging methods. The logging service table shows the characteristics of various logging tools, the types of the tools and the instrument string, and specifies the operation, control, recording and drawing curves of the logging program. , The area and scale of the drawing, and the filtering method of each curve, etc. 2 Real-time logging program Real-time logging program is included in conventional logging software, variable density logging software and dip logging software, and is used in the well site for on-site The logging operation program is the core of the entire 3X 86 logging system software. The main functions are: ①logging operation control; ②logging record, recording the logging data in digital form on the disk and plotting the log on the thermal printer; ③logging data, displaying on the CRT monitor in the form of a curve Above, as system monitoring; ④Acquire low-frequency analog logging data at a certain sampling rate; ⑤Data processing, such as filtering, depth alignment, special calculations, etc.

The real-time logging program is used together with the logging service table. The work flow is like the work to be completed by the program initialization: ①Initialize the downhole instruments according to the characteristics and control commands of the various instruments provided by the service table; ②Draw the CRT according to the service table The definition of the curve drawn by the instrument, the calculation of the drawing scale of the CRT plotter and the drawing of the scale ruler and the header information; ③According to the definition of the record curve data in the service table, organize the file format header information of the data file to wait for the control command and The arrival of the interrupt signal, when the interrupt signal comes, the program enters the interrupt handler. For the deep interruption and sonic interruption processing program, the marks to be sampled in real time and the assignment of the timing circuit are given. The cyclic waiting program decides to enter the real-time sampling processing program according to the value of real-time sampling. According to the order in the service table and the sampling sequence and parameter regulations of the downhole instrument string, the measurement and the processing of the measured value (depth alignment processing filter processing, special calculation processing) , Real-time control analysis), enter the output processing program after processing, record, graph and display the measured value. When there is a keyboard input command in the loop waiting program, it will enter the real-time command processing program for command analysis and processing. In the real-time logging process, the factors that affect the real-time performance and speed of logging include the following aspects: drawing output, CRT Curve display, disk recording, interrupt processing 2.1 Drawing output program Drawing output uses the PRINTREXModel820 thermal printer recommended by China National Petroleum Corporation. The drawing program should draw logging curves during real-time logging, in order to improve the drawing speed and ensure the real-time logging The following measures can be taken: (1) Initially transfer the “ten 9’and” character dot matrix data that needs to be used in the drawing process into the memory to form a small memory font library, and avoid adjusting the dot matrix from the hard disk font library during the real-time drawing process. Data ②The drawing data output to the thermal drawing printer is directly sent to the printer interface, and the post-detection technology is adopted, that is, one batch of drawing data is output at a time, and the printer interface status is checked until the drawing data is output again. ③The Bresenham algorithm is used to draw the curve Perform smoothing processing to make the drawn curve closer to the real change of the formation. 2.2 CRT display program In the real-time logging process, the man-machine dialogue, logging monitoring and most of the functions are realized under the real-time logging CRT display program Finish. The specific functions of the real-time logging CRT display program are: ①Generate a screen window format The screen window format consists of 4 parts: the status display area in the upper left corner, the real-time logging curve display area in the upper right corner, and the command input and display area in the lower left corner. The real-time logging data display area at the bottom right is composed of ②According to the number of curves required by the logging service table, the horizontal scale of the coordinate position and the logging data, the logging curves are drawn on the screen in real time. ③The specific status of logging can be displayed in real time. The specific values ​​collected by various downhole tools correspond to the logging curve. ④ It can respond to various commands in the logging process at any time. Commands are input by keyboard and displayed in the window format command area ⑤ Can respond at any time 2 Press to freeze the d2 key and turn the page 3 key. In the real-time logging CRT display program, the logging curve display speed is mainly affected by the scrolling of the curve display area. In order to improve the running speed of the CRT display program and the real-time logging performance, directly The CRT display buffer is operated, and the assembly instruction is embedded in the (T language instruction) for the scrolling display mode of the screen to improve the speed of displaying the curve.

2.3 The disk recording program affects the recording speed in the disk recording. The main reason is that the disk starts to find the cylinder and sector time of the written data. In the program, in order not to frequently write data to the disk, it will affect the real-time data collection, but not when the logging fails. If data is lost, open a file buffer in the memory, and temporarily store the data to be written to the disk in the file buffer. When the file buffer is full, the size of the file buffer in the disk is defined by the two depth intervals during logging. *The limitation of the difference between the small time and the maximum value of the sum of processing time, display and drawing time.

2.4 Interrupt processing In the real-time logging process, deep interrupts, external timing interrupts and sonic interrupts are needed. The arrival of these interrupts is related to input and output operations. These operations such as graphics, CRT display, and disk recording operations occur. Input and output bus Contention will cause system instability and even crash. In order to solve these problems, the following measures are taken: ①Drawing and CRT display disk recording operations are processed within a period of time without interruption; ②In-depth interruption involving data collection Harmony wave interrupts only mark the interruption in the interrupt handler, and queue up in the main program according to the order of priority; ③All interrupt handlers only handle simple tasks, and the time of each interruption is separated to avoid interruption Nesting 3 application analysis Acoustic logging is to emit 4 times of sonic logic between two adjacent depth interrupts. The time sequence of sonic logic emission and data acquisition processing is to collect the time difference of the sonic wave. For example, when the depth interrupt is reached, the deep interrupt processing program is external The timer sets the time interval value of the transmitted sound wave logic. The time interval value is determined according to the logging speed at the time. It can be set to 100ms, 50ms, 30ms, and the external timing interruption and sound wave interruption are enabled. 1 sonic wave logic, when the sonic wave is interrupted, collect the sonic full wave train data, calculate the first sonic time difference, then the second and the third sonic logic and processing work. When the 4th external timing interruption is reached, the 4th sonic logic is emitted, Turn off the external timing interrupt, and then start processing the last sound wave collection value, and perform recording, drawing and display work, etc. When the fourth sound wave is interrupted, collect the full wave train value of the last sound wave of the depth interruption, and turn off the sound wave interruption. , Waiting for the next deep interruption. What needs to be explained is that the drawing output program and the CRT display program are drawing and displaying at the same time from the macro level, and the serial time-sharing operation at the micro level. The operation process is: ①Check the status of the plotter interface, check Whether data can be sent, when data can be sent, send the data to the plotter interface; ②Check the status of the CRT interface, check whether the data can be sent, and when the data can be sent, send the data to the CRT display buffer; ③Repeat ① and ② until all data After processing this method, the time for detecting the interface status can be reduced, and the real-time performance and logging speed of logging can be improved.

86 CNC logging system, after dozens of well-time field tests, obtained qualified logging data. The entire system is flexible and convenient to use, easy to expand, and stable and reliable. The successful development of this system has made a meaningful step in transforming a large number of CLS3700 CNC systems imported from our country. Its economic and social benefits are very high.

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