2021 “Fuwei Cup” 3rd National Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition officially started

April 20, 2021, Shanghai News – The 2021 “Fuwei Cup” 3rd National Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition (hereinafter referred to as “Fuwei Cup”) recently opened the registration channel for colleges and universities across the country. It is reported that this year’s Fuwei Cup will open four major tracks, and the final evaluation will be held in September. Participating students from all over the country will have a four-month preliminary competition to compete for the first, second, and third prizes of each track, as well as the national championship of the highest honor of this year, “Fuwei Star”.

2021 “Fuwei Cup” 3rd National Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition officially started

“Fuwei Cup” is an electronic design competition sponsored by Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd. and organized by the School of Microelectronics of Fudan University. Comprehensive ability; cultivate the innovative ability and collaborative spirit of college students, and then cultivate a large number of outstanding reserve talents for my country’s integrated circuit industry to help the development of my country’s integrated circuit industry. 2021 is the third year of the Fuwei Cup. After the accumulation and development of the previous two sessions, it has attracted the active participation of more than 3,000 students from more than 130 colleges and universities across the country.

Li Qing, Dean of the Central Research Institute of Fudan Microelectronics Group, said: “Under the careful preparation of the competition organizing committee, the Fuwei Cup Electronic Design Competition has received extensive attention. Based on the competition principle of combining theory and practice, innovation and practice complement each other, This competition will be divided into four major tracks: digital, analog, hardware and software. Each group of contest questions will also keep pace with the times. Focusing on industry technology hotspots such as artificial intelligence, Internet+, and Internet of Things, it will strengthen the cultivation and training of college students’ hands-on ability. The training of engineering practice comprehensively cultivates and examines students’ practical ability, innovation ability and teamwork ability.”

Li Qing introduced that the topic propositions of this competition will continue to be diversified in previous competitions, combined with the focus of school teaching and industry trend hotspots, to achieve the purpose of promoting education through competition and integrating competition education. At the same time, this year’s Fuwei Cup also invited well-known professors from colleges and universities to participate in the entire evaluation process, and fully considered the knowledge and skills reserves of participating students of different grades to reasonably formulate the competition questions and evaluation requirements, so as to ensure the authority, fairness and impartiality of the competition evaluation.

Li Qing, Dean of the Central Research Institute of Fudan Microelectronics Group, introduced the characteristics of this Fuwei Cup competition

It is reported that compared with previous competitions, the group has also added corresponding awards for different tracks. The total prize pool of the competition is more than 200,000 yuan, which is used to motivate the student teams who come to participate. In addition to the bonuses, Fudan Micro has also prepared a wealth of benefits for the participating students: the students who advance to the finals will receive a group interview pass card, which can be used to skip the written test and directly enter the interview session; the outstanding contestants of each track will also Get customized internship opportunities, and be equipped with one-on-one senior mentors to help them gain more practical experience and lay a solid foundation for future work; Learn to master the most cutting-edge technology in the industry.

Since its establishment in 1998, Fudan Microelectronics Group has always cooperated closely with colleges and universities across the country, introducing a large number of electronic engineering professionals from colleges and universities every year, and has always been committed to “developing China’s microelectronics industry as its own responsibility”, in cultivating the next generation of integrated circuit industry talents. With continuous investment, it is a nationally recognized postdoctoral workstation enterprise. Fudan Microelectronics advocated the concept of industry-university-research leading technological innovation to form an industrial scale effect. It was also rated as an excellent case of the combination of industry-university-research in colleges and universities by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and was awarded the excellent award for the combination of industry-university-research in colleges and universities.

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