2013-10-10 11:45 CNC engraving machine industry development status

2013-10-10 11:45Cnc Engraving Machine industry development status

As the user industry restructuring , product upgrades , the user for CNC engraving machine and other products and services to put a higher demand , the demand structure is accelerating the upgrade.

From the current point of view , high-end CNC product has not yet made ​​substantial breakthroughs in high-end product competitiveness is weak , both in product performance, quality, reliability, or services, brand influence , etc. Compared with the industrialized countries are still relatively large gap between production capacity and market demand structure and structural imbalance is also troubled by the current CNC engraving machine business is a major bottleneck . But most companies do not realize that only paid attention to the expansion of production and only focus on quality improvement, resulting in a vicious cycle of the industry , although the scale of the expansion in the enterprise , the enterprise ‘s production conditions and the level of technology does have improved to varying degrees , However, technological upgrading of products is not significant, the identical product mix , low-grade large heavy machinery overcapacity problem is very serious . Therefore, the industry overall, still not free themselves from the scale expansion as the main feature in the development model , industrial scale , while significant, but low levels of product structure , is still at the low end of the global industrial chain . It can be seen , no matter how the future development of the industry , improve product quality and grades are provided .
Jinan River CNC has been focusing on high-end numerical control (CNC) equipment, production and research and development , quality of survival according to the purpose , focus on woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, engraving machine foam to improve product quality and technology level , to achieve a firm size and efficiency of the rapid development .

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