2013-08-28 11:08 Jinan River CNC actively seize the international market

2013-08-28 11:08Jinan River CNC actively seize the international market

In recent years, Jinan River CNC actively seize the international market, increasing international market development efforts, to expand foreign trade business, and achieved fruitful results, the severe international and domestic economic environment, to achieve a total export volume and the inverse number of orders potential growth.

The current global economic recovery, lack of motivation, the European sovereign debt crisis remained unresolved, the U.S. economic recovery, fatigue and other emerging market countries, while economic development is good, but after all, the limited size of the market, these many deep-seated contradictions and problems to be solved . While the international market supply and demand for resource products still tight, and the expected appreciation of the RMB exchange rate and China’s labor costs increase, CNC machinery exports will result in increased costs. Unfavorable economic situation facing the situation, Jinan River NC through reverse thinking recognizes the international market malaise but it is precisely a good development opportunities, economic difficulties forced many foreign buyers through more simple, direct and efficient way to find the new engraving machine manufacturers, and Jinan River Cnc Engraving Machine highly cost-effective products to attract customers from many countries will follow.
Meanwhile, the company further strengthen the company’s product publicity and promotion, using a variety of channels, extensive publicity, increase the company’s product visibility and exposure, and actively participate in Canton Fair and other help to expand the international market and the popularity of a variety show, so that more foreign merchants awareness and understanding of Jinan River CNC woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, it is also the feedback information through the exhibition, allowing companies to be more keen grasp of market dynamics, better expand market share. According to the international situation changes, the company will focus on this year’s International India, Egypt and other Arab countries, and to develop more suitable for these target customers use products.

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