2013-06-24 13:48 Factors influencing the CNC machinery industry development

2013-06-24 13:48Factors influencing the CNC machinery industry development

In recent years, China’s CNC machinery industry achieved rapid growth, and the next step when also faced with relatively good opportunities for development, but the industry itself, China’s CNC machinery industry still exist five major constraints:
The first is the rapid expansion of production capacity led to irrational industrial structure. Nearly two years of CNC machinery industry enterprises plant expansion, equipment purchase into a huge, rapid expansion of production capacity, the data show only a 2012 industry total investment in fixed assets grew by 54.7%, of which device tool purchase volume grew 54.0%, but most Enterprises in the development of the expansion of production and not only attach importance to focus on quality improvement, resulting in a vicious cycle of the industry, although the expansion of enterprise scale, but the technological upgrading of products is not obvious, the identical product mix, low-grade mechanical considerable overcapacity and other issues severe. And due to the impact of economic development, the environment, industry, major economic indicators but declined to run, new orders decreased, production and sales levels fall, funds used up, making a lot of idle resources become more prominent contradiction between supply and demand, market competition further intensified homogenization .
Second, the overall level of machinery and equipment is a big gap with foreign countries. Although the rising proportion of domestic cnc machine, but the machine in the core R & D capabilities and product design level, accuracy, quality, performance and other aspects with foreign advanced level there is a big gap between the current development of the industry has been unable to meet the actual needs of the market need part of high-end Cnc Machine tools such as machining centers, CNC lathes, precision grinding machines and machine tools, etc., but in the end CNC equipment is mainly dependent on imports, domestic enterprises on the whole lack of commitment to provide a complete solution or a more complex capabilities of EPC projects , product quality stability and reliability can not keep up.
The third is the lack of capacity of independent innovation. For a long time, China’s CNC machine manufacturing technology research work mainly in industry-based research institutes conducted, the prevalence of weak, inadequate investment in technological innovation, the introduction of digestion and absorption ability, capacity for independent innovation is not high, the lack of excellent technical personnel and other aspects of issues, research and development of high-speed high-precision lead lag motion control technology, Dynamic comprehensive compensation technology, multi-axis and composite processing technology, intelligent technology, high-precision direct-drive technology, reliability, technology needs to be further breakthrough, although in recent years, domestic CNC machine tool manufacturers through technology transfer, such as mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad to get some advanced digital technology, but neglected the cultivation of self-development capacity, lack of core technology to master.
The fourth is a high-end CNC system controlled by others. 90% of China’s CNC system needs foreign imports, although some domestic manufacturers of CNC system has basically mastered multi-axis, RTCP (rotary tool center point) three-dimensional tool compensation technology, its development of high-end CNC system can also meet some of the needs of users, However, compared with foreign products, on a technical level, there are still a big gap, can do in the domestic high-end CNC machine tools, more in the assembly and manufacturing sectors, generally did not grasp the core technology, high-end CNC technology is mainly lies in the Japanese hair That passenger, Germany’s Siemens, Mitsubishi hands of three companies, import high-end CNC system basically monopolized the Chinese domestic market.
Fifth is the key feature development lags behind. End CNC machine tools depends primarily on the development of high-end CNC system and the key features of development, China’s CNC machine tool components have a certain scale, spindle, spindle unit, numerical control systems, etc. There are also specialized manufacturer which individual product manufacturing level close the international advanced level. But on the whole, the slow development of China’s machine tool features, less variety, low level of industrialization, precision indicators and performance indicators of the consolidated situation is not perfect, especially in CNC tool hysteresis phenomenon reflects very strong terms, because domestic knives less variety, low life seriously affect the efficiency of CNC machine tools play.
Looking to the future, CNC machinery industry will be able to break through the bottleneck, to overcome the impact of constraints, to achieve better and faster development of the industry. As CNC equipment industry representatives, Jinan River(GANGER)NC Next will firmly grasp the rapid development of China’s CNC equipment industry a good opportunity to keep strict quality management, improve product service system to provide customers with more perfect service, the pursuit of excellence, integrity Development, production-class products, building first-class enterprise!

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